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A family in northern Ontario donated a drill rig and sent it to Conakry in Guinea, West Africa to be used by a missionary organization to drill wells in villages, for schools and medical centers. When the machine arrived, they were unable to find anyone with the expertise to operate it.

When visiting our area, Bill Pharand the pastor of Alleluia Pentecostal Ministries was introduced to us and later an invitation was extended to go to Africa to get the machine up and running, drill some wells and train a team of local workers to carry on the work.

Prior to our departure, we sent a shipment of spare parts, supplies, camping equipment, all of which proved to be good foresight once on the ground.

During the two separate trips we made to Conakry in 2008, we were able to train three men to work the drill rig, with one of them becoming the driller. The people of Conakry were quick to learn, good workers and had the ability to fix things with very limited resources and tools.

The drill rig is working today with the team that was trained and is drilling wells to supply Guinea with safe clean drinking water making a huge difference in the lives of many people in Guinea.

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